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Here is the score. You think of 1-3 characters from movies that are like you in some way. Explain why you think they're like you and post this explanation and your alter egos in your livejournal.

Cameron - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
I'm a lot like Cameron, I'm always yelling at myself in my car and being very aggressively indecisive when I’m doing something I don't want to do. In addition to the mood swings I also have great friends who like me and make me go do fun things when all I want to do is lie in bed.

Dr. Jackson - Stargate
I've been told the excessively wordy and nerdy manner of the movie Dr. Jackson is pure me. Brilliant, but annoying and maybe a bit naïve though well educated. This might not be as accurate a comparison as once upon a time because I think I've become a lot less geeky in some ways in the last 5 years.

(P.S. Yes I know I say I don't like memes. I just don't like the ones that don't really tell anything about the person posting them in their journal.)
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I really like David Lynch's Dune. At times it seems like everyone else hates it and likes the Sci-Fi version better. For the life of me I can't figure out why. I wonder if that could be a meme. What movie do you defend when people start saying, "Oh that was the worse ever!"?

Found One!

Mar. 24th, 2004 12:28 am
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I still have one interest that is shared by just one other livejournal user. Fan funds is shared by just me and [livejournal.com profile] du_ff. It used to be that DASFA and MileHiCon were also mine alone, but now there are other users with those interests (three of the usual suspects). Interestingly enough it would appear that half of the other people (all two of them) interested in taff don't mean Trans Atlantic Fan Fund... Only [livejournal.com profile] molesworth and myself would appear to be part of fandom from that particular interest.
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I think the memories can be one of the niftiest of the livejournal features. The trouble is that many people don't use it so I want to encourage everyone reading this to think about doing the following.

First check out my memories page where I added twelve new entries to my index in the last 20 minutes: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=mishalak Next I want you to do the same, take 20 minutes to just grab a few of your favorite posts. They don't have to be the best, I just started from where I left off at the end of November and started adding. Then post a chunk of text like this in your journal.

Now I'm all ambitious so I'm going to take another hour to see how far I can go towards getting caught up.
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I've turned off anonymous comment screening so you, faithful readers, can leave a comment on your opinion on me... what you think of me. This of course is one of the circulation anonymous opinions memes. Anything. Feel free to post under your own name, but keep in mind that you can say things more freely (and honestly) if you are anonymous. Post twice if you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.
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The day after tomorrow I'm going to do a bunch of request stuff... because while I intended to have a bunch of stuff done so would not have to write I don't actually have it done. And also just because. With the amazing surge after [livejournal.com profile] shadowpryde's b-day there are now theoretically 92 people in the audience here and I'm trying to keep up with 104 journals.

So what would people like to know? About me? Any story type things you would like me to write about? Post a comment or ask in the poll box.

[Poll #242194]
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Since I don't like content free memes1, I have decided to fight back. No I'm not going to go around and rant at all my friends, if you want to do them I don't mind. I just am bored with all the quizes and I am going to encourage them to do freeform memes, i.e. the ones where someone says something interesting about himself, by posting comments to as many of those as possible. Also I may try to start a few myself. But mostly I am going to encourage people to do what they do best. Find that one thing that you really like to write and write something about it. Maybe not today, in fact if you don't have something today don't feel pressure to post today! Quality over quantity.

In that spirit I getting to work on some really high quality writing tonight. Right after I finish off writing a thing for the DASFA newsletter. I'm late on that.

1 Maybe content free is a bit inaccurate. They do contain pictures or whatnot, but they don't provide a good hook for interaction with people reading your livejournal. And at this point most of them aren't even terribly interesting anymore. The total number I've done in the six months I've been online is surely under six.
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Now we all know that polls on the internet are pointless. However they can be a lot of fun too. Spread the word, get all your friends to vote because we're going to send the results of this one to congress! (Not really, and the votes of the Crew of Grenadine are the only ones that really count, but vote anyway!) It is only 10 months to the next MileHiCon and we need to start making costumes (if we're going to wear any) soon!

Here's what's going on with the poll. The source fiction is on the left and the party name/idea is on the right. Pick any you think cool.

[Poll #225086]

I strongly encourage factions and campaigns to stuff the ballot box. I think it would be amusing to have thousands of votes. <grin>
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The Lipson-Shiu Corporate Type Test linked by my frood [livejournal.com profile] dougs is marvelously cynical commentary on corporate life and personality tests. When thinking about fandom (rather than my actual job situation) I came out as a ILIG (Archangel).

"The ILIG is the ideal person to be in charge of anything: trustworthy, effective and devoted to the cause. Unfortunately, none have yet been found. If the test evaluated you as this you are probably an ILIE or ILUE (and covering it well) or a SCUG or SCUE (and not safe to be typing on anything electrical)."

Though naturally I really am a ILIG and not a ILIE.
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Okay I almost never post these things... but I really liked this one! Oh and if I changed the one answer I was iffy on I get Cordelia. Which is also accurate in a strange sort of way.

You are


"I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."

What "Buffy" Character Are You?

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I know everyone likes clicky things, so here's a new poll inspired by my recent cut ending my blond months. Should I cease getting it cut except for trims or should I go on having my short and often spiked look?

[Poll #198670]
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Okay so I got curious to see where everyone is reading me from. I really didn't have enough options, maybe I should have left off Texas in favor of Australia or Asia or something. Also I eliminated a specific New York option in favor of Europe, but for better or worse here it goes.

[Poll #186187]


Sep. 9th, 2003 02:07 pm
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First real memory of something: Age five or four. I woke up early one morning, which was unusual for me. I was the sort of person that could not wake up to watch Saturday morning cartoons even though I wanted to. I rarely rose before 11. So I was looking out at the early light through the pines and I wondered, "Why are these trees here?" I starting thinking about rain then an even bigger thought occurred to me, "Why is any of this here? Why do I and the whole universe exist?" I think it was the start of my making deeper questions. Though I might or might not also remember learning how to walk even earlier in my like outside my Grandma's house.
Be Tantalized and read the rest )

Memed or something like that from [livejournal.com profile] mattmn.
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Lioness [livejournal.com profile] elisem asks, "If you had a memento miniature of a place that shaped you, what would it be?"

Well this is a cool thought. Somewhere personal to me done in excessive detail and sealed inside a water filled globe. The difficulty is that it wouldn't really show why this place was important to me. My life is mostly about the people moving though it. Though if I had to pick one place it would be the old bank where DASFA used to meet. I met my best friend, Rose Beetem, there one March evening in 1999. Wow, to thing that it has been four and a half years since then.

Second choice would be the old school building where I spent so much time reading. Well since this is my imagination that this snow glob like thing exists in I think I can go for levels of detail that would be unavailable in real world objects. So I would want the window open and maybe a little figure of me reading in the little storage room on the 3rd floor.

Third would be my family's old home where I lived for 19 years. Lots of memories around that place, especially in the woods and garden.
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You fill this out in the comments, then post a blank one in your LJ. If you don't you're just not playing fair, I mean here I am naked to the world and you won't tell me anything about your own life? <whine> Though I actually don't mind enourmously if you don't since it's not as if it will be the end of the world. I just think it's neat enough to pay attention to for once. And short.

So if you've already completed it on somebody else's journal, a link to the answers would be neat. (Here's my link.)

Reason for LJ username:
AIM/MSN/IRC/other chat screename:
Reason for AIM/MSN/IRC/ other chat screename:
Why do you enjoy reading my LJ:
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about you:
Name a website worth visiting:
Will you post this in your LJ:
If you see me out in the streets would you say hi:

I edited the opening from [livejournal.com profile] hawkida and the rest of the meme a bit, because I thought the old opening was rude.

V. Silly

Jul. 23rd, 2003 12:58 pm
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Okay, I do a fair number of these quiz things, but usually I think the results are annoying or stupid. Fun for a laugh and all that, but this one particularly amused me.


Congratulations! You're a kitsune baby!!! Wily, cunning, seductive, vampiric, femenine, and possibly gay (yay!)... There are a thousand adjectives we could use to describe this sexy/furry critter. Kitsune are some of the more powerful spirits out there, and you're one of 'em! (At least figuratively). These shapeshifting spirits love to cast illusions on weary humans and love seducing those big burly samurai and emperors into doing whatever it is they want. Go you!

What Japanese Creature are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

This is so true of me! Go me indeed!
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This idea shamelessly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] bohemiancoast

Now first off I would have an action figure, not a doll. I'm gay, but I'm still a guy. Yes I think a skinny anatomically correct action with no less than 6 outfits would represent me pretty well. Especially if it also came with a gift certificate for a book.

Now the catch phrases, after all this is a premium item so it's going to have the full works, including the ability to say my trademark phrases.

Free food? I'm there!
Oooo, will you buy me that?
He is cute beyond belief.
<Silly Laugh>
It must be mine! (Stolen from Igor of Dorktower)
<Disturbing Laugh>
I'm evil, remember?
No really, I'm totally evil.
What can I say? I like to flirt.
Still gay!
Am very pleased by that.


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