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I logged into livejournal the other day for the first time in quite a while. I had to delete some spam from old communities that I really ought to get around to deleting. I have left them up this long in case someone decided to express an interest in taking them over, but since it has not happened I suppose I should tidy up by deleting them.
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I don't have cable television. I am unwilling to pay for television with commercials. I would rather wait and buy my television later without commercials. If there were some way to get just HBO by itself I might consider that, but that is a discussion for another day.

LJ is a business like any other business it has to make money. The thing is that unlike a great many other businesses it makes money by its customers generating content that interests other customers. This is not news. LJ is a written predecessor to YouTube where (in theory) the people watching the content produce the content. Though not everyone does produce content. The difference being that YouTube is paid for by advertisements and always has been. For a long time LJ was paid for by users who wanted more or just wanted to support the company. A sort of for-profit PBS model.

They are changing their model and I dislike this about as much as if I turned on PBS to find that they were now putting advertisements on for people who do not pay up. Perhaps more, because I'm one of the people doing the writing that keeps people around to keep them in business AND a customer who paid for an account. Even though I won't get served ads I find it irksome that they're doing so for new people who read my journal, as unimportant as it is. Worse, they handled the announcement of this change like we are children who cannot understand. Sure there would have been hand wringing and grumbling no matter what, after all this is a change to the way things were and that always provokes complaint and comment, but the announcement was made in a way that made me think of large corporations pissing down people's back and telling them that it is rain. We're not stupid, we can understand that the company needs to make a profit, just say so instead of hiding behind double talk of having three different kinds of accounts being too confusing to new users.

This is not the end of the world. This is a minor thing. But I'm still upset and I do not want to be. I want to be happy and enthusiastic about LJ and recommending it to everyone I know.

And the worst part is that the move probably won't make LJ profitable. Most new users already pick the ad supported accounts. Hate to say it, but LJ may be doomed for purely business reasons. You keep on unnecessarily upsetting your paying customers and pretty soon you won't have enough to keep the lights on.
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So there are calls for a strike starting today at 6pm MDT. The first one I read was in I read the geeks community. More informative that what is (apparently) the originating post by beckyzoole since it has example timezones and all. Will this change anything? I do not know. Do I support it? I like the idea but I would like to hear out some contrary points of view. If I do this it will take me right up to Karval Kon so unless I remember to voice post I won't be back until Sunday.

Additional question: does LJ need a Writers Union, Local
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So I'm on a different computer tonight. And my livejournal layout is all funky. It is all right justified rather than left. Just my journal that I've seen this way so far. If you are so inclined please check out my main page and tell me if this is just something about this computer or if I need to craw about in the guts of my layout to figure out what has gone wrong.

Edit: I think the problem is internet explorer. I do not know why internet explorer is interpreting the html different than every other browser, but it is. I wonder if there is anything I can do about it.
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And contrary to your expectations this won't be about pie. This, instead, will be about the business opportunity for anyone with a no-ad basic account who does not want to continue with LJ. Huh? What? You see SUP, the company that owns livejournal, decided to kill basic free accounts. Brad's Entry on This This means that in addition to the value inherent in permanent and early adopter accounts all those old freebie journals are now slightly valuable internet real estate for anyone who does not want to see advertisements while browsing LJ and who does not want to pay an annual fee of $20. Though only as long as the no-ad basic accounts continue to be grandfathered in with no ads. Given that that the longest one might expect this not to change is one year it won't be any more than $20, less the value of a name change fee of $5 and the reduced functionality. But I'd guess that every basic account is worth $5 depending upon the name.

The only problem with this is provision X. in the terms of service "NO RESALE OF SERVICE". This means that if I want to abandon my LJ I cannot sell my permanent account to someone who'd want to make it his or her own.

Yet another lovely idea cruelly killed by the unsympathetic application of a fact.

So what we have here is the basic problem of a locked market. People have something of (small) value that they are not permitted to sell. This would generate a black market except that the rewards are so relatively small and the risks are large to anyone who actually wants to use LJ. So even though I ought to get at least $(40*2)-5=$75 if I no longer wanted my permanent account I could not. And it chafes to know that the company will make money off of my content, even this post, if I should just disappear. What did I pay the $250 for way back when if not advertising free hosting? Answer: Not very much.
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I have not been posting publicly to livejournal for a while. One part principle to avoid generating content they can advertise on (I paid for this journal, damn it!), protest against content policy changes/problems, and being worried that public posts could get me into trouble due to occasional frank postings about gay sex and literature about the same. But I've been wondering lately if it isn't silly. So a poll. Everyone loves a poll.

[Poll #1142323]
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From now on all posts on this journal will be set to "friends only". If you want to read my posts here as opposed to over on my blogger account you'll need to add me so that I add you back. I'm going to be adding and removing pretty much automatically from now on. Also my back entries are going to be gradually set to "friends only" as I post them to blogger. Why? I do not like the policies of livejournal and I want my posts to give them minimal advertising potential. Posts of a sensitive nature will be going in my private account.

If I fail to add you back when you add me post a friendly reminder here and I'll either explain myself or get on it.

And Rage

Dec. 23rd, 2007 03:05 pm
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Gah. I cannot post comments anywhere. Stupid LJ. I wish to the stars that I'd never paid for a permanent account so I could dump this cursed worthless evil company. If I had money I'd use it to start a rival service for the only purpose of putting them out of business. If someone were starting a new service with half a hope I'd contribute money just to hurt LJ. I HATE THEM.

My mood is not at all helped by the fact that I'm seriously stuffed up right now. My head cold has not abated a bit, if anything it has gotten worse.
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Mercedonius 2 after AUC 2760, Nones

Going back through my old posts to clean up and tag them I discovered someone who used to comment on my journal, [livejournal.com profile] yonmei, has been suspended. I don't know why, I don't know when, and I cannot remember if we'd stopped reading each other first. Not having her journal there to refer to is like having a bit of my memory missing. This is one of the biggest negatives about LJ. At either personal whim or the whim of the company things I'd like to know can just disappear. I do not like it. I particularly do not like that even her comments on my journal are hidden from me if they still exist at all. If I knew of any company I could trust to host my journal more honestly I would be gone starting today.
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In case you didn't see this already in someone else's journal, LiveJournal is offering paid time reimbursement for the recent outages.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] drewan for the heads up.

One Year

Jun. 17th, 2004 10:46 pm
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Today is the 1 year anniversary of my journal. I reuped last week because I felt it was the right thing to do, plus I wanted to keep all my spiffy icons. Though it was more expensive than I remember from last year it is still a comparative bargain. (I do hope that this won't be a trend. If the price is up next year by more than inflation I'm not renewing.)

To celebrate the whole one-year thing I've been getting caught up on putting journal entries into my memories. I use the feature as sort of an index and I figure this is a good time to get caught up and to tell everyone who joined since the last time I explained this.

I'll explain more tomorrow when I'm more awake. Putting in everything upto this month took more work than I thought it would. But hey one year 465 entries and over 2000 comments. I'm doing okay I think.


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