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Well, today is the day. With the choice before me between going out to a convention full of people or else staying home and fiddling about with a new to me computer I choose to stay home. Well... Consider. One: Not the most exciting of choices. Two: It is at least useful. Three: It has actually been fairly fun so far. Four: As Professor Bellgrove would say, "So far, so good." Five: Damn it I should have gone to bed earlier last night so I at least had the choice. Six: No use reflecting on the past so I must simply try to be ready for the future. Seven: Showered and dressed I will be ready in the unlikely event that anyone should want to do dinner. Eight: I am lonely. Oh, Mishalak, such scouring, not to say moving, honesty. Nine: Damn it people, send me messages to make me feel connected to the world! As I dance for your entertainment so dance for mine!

I think I must get myself some sort of icon for mocking myself. It is, after all, a very usual mode for me and the truest sort of humor.

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Or some commentary on a commentary followed up by what I think needs to be done about it.

Mark R. Leeper writes in SF Crowsnest a commentary entitled Worldcons of diminished expectations. He actually makes a good preemptive strike against this being a complaint without merit by writing, "...I do not have the ego to suggest that Worldcons change to match my interests." And he goes on to list reasons why he is not personally thrilled with Worldcon and the reasons they cannot do what he would like to see in many cases.

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I was out of time. It is always amazing how little time a couple whole days before a convention can turn into. Especially when trying to get together a costume. That is the story of so many things I planned on for Bubonicon this year and why they did not happen. The Madblood costume, the making of a nice cucumber salad, getting Weird Al's Albuquerque on the iTea, and so on. Many useful things did get done though. Like having music on the iTea at all and a nice transmitter that worked in Laura G___'s car. And I had a memory foam pillow for my bony behind which lead to much more comfortable driving and riding conditions for me. Next year I plan on having one for my boyfriend so he can sleep. I rarely can sleep on car journeys so my pillow will continue to add padding to my posterior that nature did not give me. Speaking of which I need to move it inside so this seat is more comfortable while I write all this.

Yes I am a sissy about such things as the comfort, I've got a great big supply of "I don't care what you think" for anyone who wants to tease me. I like comfort and I'm not ashamed of that!

So there was, as usual, a nice long trek to the convention in Albuquerque on Friday. We actually got going sometime before 8am so we were there by about quarter or half after four. Very nice. Next year we might even try for one hour earlier. Though I will have to do something, like have everything ready and wear out my boyfriend by <censored> and <TMI>ing him to exhaustion so he'll get to sleep at a reasonable hour on Thursday night. I don't think he'll mind too much.

There was a picnic in Raton, NM for lunch, that was very nice. Good tables. Richie got to see a ranting scary person talking about government mind control! I missed it as I was inside using the facilities. But it did mean that we were packed up in record time without me lifting a finger to haul coolers back to the cars. Yes, cars. Our group was of six people in two (small) SUVS, Timmy S___, Kaia S___, and Rose B___ along as well as the aforementioned Laura G___, my boyfriend, and myself.

And after hours of music, conversation, and switching drivers, passengers, and so on we were finally in the world famous Wyndham (soon to be a Sheraton) Hotel in Albuquerque, NM. And Richie and I had pre-paid memberships that I saved a bit of money on! Ten whole dollars! Though I still had to write my name on my badge I was so late in getting the money in. Next year I think I'll put in a bit earlier. Since it is all but certain that we'll go again. And the convention itself will be in totally different posts. But don't worry, I have notes. Incomprehensible tea and beer stained notes, but notes none the less for me to record what happened with great accuracy.
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So Bubonicon is having a villain theme one day. And I torn, divided, and unsure as to whom I should go as. Aton Ego, the nemesis of second rate chefs? But he isn't really a villain, now is he? Plus would anyone recognize me? I could put on all black with a top hat and be The Shade, but again, how many people read Starman? Though it does have the advantage of being just a cool outfit. I have long velvet coats and a couple hats. Plus there are suits. Though I don't want to try to put together something sewn in these last seven days. Suggestions, comments?

Edit: It has been suggested I should be Dracula. I think that I can fake that... possibly. I also thought, "Hey, maybe I could be someone from literature, like Mr. Wednesday or Low Key from American Gods."


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