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I may have mentioned that one of my coworkers is off on vacation until next Friday. That means I'm pulling 10, 11, and 12 hour days starting at 6am MST. I might be less coherent than usual during the week, just a warning.

BIG EDIT!!! Huge change of plans. I'll email everyone in just a moment, but right now it looks like the thing to do on Saturday will not to go to Pablo's Coffeehouse. Instead we must (by all that is unholy) go to the Cinderella Twin Drive-In Theatre because on Saturday they will be showing a double feature of The Chronicles of Riddick and The Day After Tomorrow. Two movies that look like great drive in fare! People may still gather at my place before noon, nosh on some things, and hang out but we will be leaving at 6:15pm SHARP to get to the box office by 6:30. We'll do that excessive chatting thing while waiting for the movies to start 'round about 8:30pm
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I'm thinking I should have a movie night this next Saturday. I'll be sending this message to any of my friends who I think might be interested in hanging out to see movies with cute men in them. Particularly vampires since I have a fair number of those movies.

So the plan would be to meet up as usual for Outer Fandom at 6:30 and decamp for my place 'round about 7:30. I'll have popcorn and movies, sent me an email or leave a comment here to say what you'd be interested in bringing for food or seeing as far as movies go.
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The meeting was great fun this month, but it has been pointed out to me that maybe we'd have more of a crowd if met more than once a month. I don't know. On the one hand it would give more of an opportunity for guys (or gals) who can't do the second Saturday of the month. On the other maybe it would spread out the few members we do have if they only want to do one meeting a month.

So we hung out, had dinner at Seoul Food, and then came back to my place to watch Cronos. Unlike the last time I showed it to a bunch of friends this time the response was universally positive. Woo hoo! For once I'm not out of my mind in liking a movie. It was my college friends who didn't know a good movie.

Afterwards my poll and pictures got discussed. Speaking of which if anyone needs a full picture of what the heck I look like just ask. I'm going to have a website up with them at some point, but I need to get off my lazy ass and contact my ISP. After that it should be simple. Maybe. So my friend Paul is solidly against me getting nipple rings. He says I'm too thin and they would not look right on me. And that I’m cute already, etc. I sorta agree. Dunno what I’m going to do. Yet.
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Outer Fandom was fun. Just Martin, Paul, and myself as usual, but not too bad. We talked a long while and then went to have a spot to eat at Angelo's next door. I think the new coffeehouse will work out well. Not only do they have parking there are lots of restaurants around. So if we don't want to travel we don't have to. Bonus! Now to tempt the two people who complained about Diedrich's into actually showing up at our new venue.

Apparently most people had boyfriends to do or something. Oh and I have a new fairy tale. It should be done shortly, say tomorrow if all goes well.
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This Saturday, 6:30pm at Pablo's. That's at 6th Ave. and Washington Street. Hopefully those who object to Diedrich's will now start showing up. I'm probably going to be away from my computer for tonight.
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Not only do I need a boyfriend; I've got a number of friends who need one too. Like my friend Martin who's almost the quietest person I know. So he needs a fellow geek who is a bit less all there than myself, at least from my perspective. I feel like I'm running all over him when I talk with him or something. Though maybe he would like a person who likes to talk without interruption. <grin,laugh> (I wonder if he's going to kill me when he sees this.)

In other news I am off work at 5pm most nights this week and I have all of Thursday off. If anyone wants to do something with me... Oh and I have to work Saturday during the day and then I'm off to DASFA so that's not a good day. And I suspect I'm headed over to check out the SCA on Friday night. Anyone want to join me?

Oh and in other news I've decided I have too many clothes. So my project for tonight, provided I have time, is to remove all sweaters and tee shirts from my closet and put them elsewhere so I'll have enough space for the rest of my shirts. And I might even start a cull of what's left. There is no room left in my closet! This is double plus ungood! Though I might get distracted by other projects if someone hot emails me. <laugh>


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