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My tomatoes are not yet producing a lot of fruit, but the occasional treat is very welcome. Yesterday I picked one and on impulse I photographed it before I ate. I do like the Juliet variety. I may have to order another packet of seeds next year as I am almost out.

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Mishalak's garden on may 7th, 2014

Leeks transplanted into trenches

After the rain there are leeks, of course. (Blame LittleGrayDucks) Also I planted more carrots, kale, and lettuce. Some of the beets are up as is the lettuce… Tonight or tomorrow I work on bed #4 which will be cabbage, dill, and more leeks. Continuing to fight with %$&@ bindweed.

And today’s rain has been pathetic. Barely enough to wet the surface of the soil. Seems like it will be another hard year.
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Things that happened today: Gardening.

It may not be obvious comparing this with the last photograph, but I assure you there are changes. Like the fact that there are seeds in beds surrounded by weedy mulch. So far, lettuce, beets, rocket, caraway, chervil, carrots, peas, and some green onions. And I almost finished digging out bed #2 to get rid of some of the excess clay under the topsoil. I think maybe I should plant leeks in bed #2 along with something leafy like leaf cabbage or kale. Also I am experimenting to see if clear plastic covers might help sprouting of seeds in the garden. And the war upon bindweed (IT ROOTS IN HELL!) is ongoing. Bed #1 is in the lower portion of the picture with beds 2-4 off to the right. Beds #9-12 are in the upper portion of the picture behind and to the left of the apple tree. Questions, Comments?
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I went and did it last night. In some ways I wanted more time to think and get comments to be sure I was doing the right thing, but it is getting close to spring here and so I ordered my two apple trees. Which ones? Tydeman's Late Orange which is an eating apple that seems like it will also be good for cider since it is similar to, but less disease prone, than Cox's Orange Pippin. As it keeps very well I think I made a good choice there. The other is Calville Blanc d'Hiver, sometimes just called Calville Blanc, an apple for cooking that also does well for cider. It also keeps fairly well, though not as well as the Tydeman's. Both flower at the same time and are hardy to USDA zone 5, which is Denver, though some say that Denver is warmer than its official 5b (-15 to -10 F) designation due to the urban heat island effect. Regardless I can expect the trees to grow to around 5 meters or about 16 feet with an equal spread. I can either plant two in my back yard or one in back and one in the side yard. I am leaning towards putting one in the side yard right now. Regardless I will need to do a lot of digging in the coming weeks and get a big load of manure to help improve my soil.


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