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A friend of mine was looking for suggestions of good but inexpensive wines. As it happens she's in luck because Colorado produces some good wines and because they are relatively unknown they are good bargains.

Carson Vineyards- A good all around winery, but where they shine is with their fruit wines. Especially their Peach wine, which is 100% peach not a wine mixed with peach juice. It has a fuzzy semi-sweet and fruitful taste that is excellent chilled or just cool.

Colorado Cellars- Another good winery, I particularly recommend their Millennium Port Wine. It is a sweet port so there is a good chance that connoisseurs will not care for it as most of them like drier wines. However it is a very nice item with dessert.

Grand Valley Vineyards- Their Viognier is excellent. Their other wines are also very good, but for my money their spicy with just a touch of sweet old viognier is their best value.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] marycrawford I found some fantastic art done by [livejournal.com profile] trickofthedark. Her most recent post contains a fantastic close up of some blue armor being worn by a cute guy in a great piece that I wish I could get a print of. Unfortunately it is a commission so I'll just have to drool over it.
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Okay it isn't as funny as The Exorcist in 30 Seconds (And Re-Enacted By Bunnies), but the ever funny Angry Alien is back with Titanic in 30 Seconds (And Re-Enacted By Bunnies). Go watch and donate!
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I've decided that whenever I post something negative here I must immediately follow it up with something just as, if not more, positive. Therefore I will note something that gives me hope for the future.

Scaled Composites has announced that it will make the first private manned space flight on the 21st of this month. In many ways this is the real beginning of the space age, for if space flight is to become common it cannot be something done by government to capture publicity and bragging rights. The reason we've never been back to the moon isn't because of a lack of dedication, it is because it was a shot, something done without any of the infrastructure that would make returning to the moon either logical or easy. If there had not been the cold war race I suspect that the first manned space flight would not have been until the 1970s and we would not have been to the moon yet.

This is the first tentative step that could very well be the start of a real manned presence in space. No longer a program constantly under threat due to government cuts, but people going there for their own reasons. And that is a very hopeful thing.
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The most wonderful of all my friends, Rose Beetem, came over last Friday. Her purpose was to really get me cleaning, unlike the useless pick up one item and fall down "exhausted" thing I had been doing for the last two months. She is a goddess, a twue friend, and all the other honors and titles I can heap upon her. With just a bit of luck over the next week I'll have this place well and truly clean for the first time in a very, very long time. Much too long. After I've done that I intend to have a party. Anyone wishing to help me with this will also receive eternal gratitude and possibly the gift of baked goods or confections. I've recently been perfecting my skills at melting down chocolate and pouring it into new and fun forms with flavorings or additions.

In other news the music to Orlando (the movie) is really excellent to write to. I shall have to share this insight with my friend Robin D. Owens who is a real published writer. She likes writing to the score of FFC's Dracula. I'm in a very positive mood right now.
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"The words that spoken at a funeral are spoken are too late for the one who is dead. What a wonderful thing it would be to visit your own funeral to sit at the front and hear what was said; maybe to say a few things yourself." -–Jackie, Waking Ned Devine

Recent events have reminded me that I ought not to take my friends and all the many froods that come hear, comment on my journal, and who I in turn love to read. To be part of the world is to feel heartache and loss, because nothing shall stay the same. And in the end I shall be lost too. So before all my tomorrows turn into too late I want to say thank you to all of you. I probably ought to do this for everyone once a year.

Birthdays should be like a great funeral, not depressing, but a joyful wake where everyone expresses that they care for their friend, to recount embarrassing stories, and toast their comrade.

So it's late but my good frood [livejournal.com profile] filkerdave happy birthday. I much enjoy the silly chats we have online and I hope someday soon to be able to hang out with you in a consuite. Thanks for being my frood.
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Oh wow. A really good Fab Five and comic book cross over fiction. This has a lot of attention and rightly so.

Oh and a fellow livejournal person has some nice art up on her site http://bishonenworks.com/ There is even some that isn't yaoi or shounen-ai. Some.

Last up I'm going to try to track down some Guy Gavriel Kay books on the recomendation of [livejournal.com profile] aiglet.
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Okay you must go learn about the Amazing Lions Offer! Limited time offer (not really) with a catchy tune that is even better than Badger, Badger, Badger.

Next if you still roleplay (I don't much but am still considering buying it) you must check out this review which is fun to read even if you will never roleplay and thus will never purchase <drum roll> Dead Inside. Sample quote to get you reading, "Yes, kids, this is the Pilgrim's Progress meets the Tibetan Book of the Dead meets Carl Jung meets Monkeybone RPG you've been waiting for." Now I'm off to shower (yes you my drool at the mental image if that's your preference) and then go to brunch.

Back later to organize my memories so people can find all the weird Mishalak goodness form that last two months.


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