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The Alternate was quite all right, though small. I missed having Jane and Rose there among other people because they had previously said they were going to come to more. Though they both had perfectly valid excuses. I suspect I am going to have to start phoning Dasfans to get a better turn out.

So C.J. is in the middle of a kitchen reconstruction project. Fantastically competent person, our C.J. is. Just got frustrated one day and took out all the cabinets. Then set to work building new and better shelves, installing a new stove and oven and generally improving the works.

I was possibly less perky than usual because I'm recovering from a tooth problem. Either I got some sort of infection under my new crown, the never has become suddenly sensitive, or else the dentist misjudged that he had gotten rid of all the decay when drilling down in. I am quite hopeful it is one of the two former and not the later. That way eventually it will go away either due to our friend amoxicillin or just giving it a bit of time. In the meanwhile I am occasionally taking some non-localized analgesics to deal with the pain. Either just ordinary ibuprofen or a generic version of vicoden depending upon how bad the pain is.

All that is a complex way of explaining how Karen came to be at the dead dog. I didn't feel well enough to drive, well I did, I just was very reluctant to do so. So my mom was ever so kind and drove me to the dead dog. I am very glad I did so because I had a great time talking to C.J., Paul, and Erik.

Most impressive thing of the evening was C.J. opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Two wood screws inserted so the cork could be carefully twisted while at the same time slowly and carefully pulled out. I applauded when the task was done, though it didn't do me any good. No alcohol for the next 9 days while I'm taking the antibiotics. Gah! How will I ever survive?
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I arrived early at Timmy & Kaia's New Years Game Party. I was all excited by the idea of playing games with neat people and the fact that I would actually be able stay up until midnight because I didn't have to be in to work until noon today. As my contribution to the piles of food and drink I brought a bottle of mead, a bottle of champagne like stuff, and a bottle of port.

At first things were quiet with just me, Robin, Timmy, Kaia around. Robin had Timmy hooked up to a biofeedback game she brought along. Timmy was cheating, of course, getting his heart rate up by running in place. After a bit Shawn showed up with his PS2, that was a big hit for the evening. There were long stretches of people playing Gandalf and Aragorn on it. Kaia and I opened a bottle of wine, not bad, wish I could remember the label. Just like I wish I could remember her livejournal username. She told me, but the knowledge has fled from my brain that should have been installed under a mop of blond hair.

After the wine was finished I opened my mead and explained far too much about wine making. Next time I'll get into the more useful knowledge of what makes different wines taste different ways, but had to lay the groundwork and everything. Trying to turn all my friends into wine snobs or something. Kaia explained the masses of food saying that it is a North Dakota thing where she panics that she won't have enough and so buys lots more.

John [livejournal.com profile] jcfiala showed up without Tammy because she had to work until 11:30. He brought some great games that I would have loved to play, but it was not to be since though I kept on trying to get together a game no one really wanted to do anything but play with the playstation.

One of Timmy & Kaia's friends (Tom, I've met him a few times) brought by a tape of his being on a game show for us to watch. Laura had lots of snarky things to say about their lighting and set design, but hey he did get a trip to Hawaii and a $750 gift certificate.

After that I started fading fast and things got fuzzy. Eventually I had some coffee like stuff to wake up enough for midnight and the drive home. Maya was still going strong, of course. I think she's going to be a fan since she's a night owl person. Or maybe she'll be a goth.

So that's my none too coherent New Years report. Oh and my Champaign didn't get opened, but I left it in case someone might want it and I rescued my port. Shame more of the mead didn't get drunk, but I thought it would be rude for me to retrieve that as well and plus it was open so I didn't want to get stopped with it should there be a checkpoint on the way home.
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I'm rather happy with how the party came out. Though mildly annoyed with myself for forgetting a number of things. First among them is that I forgot to call my friends to see if they needed rides or directions. Or rather I did call and leave messages, but they didn't call at Rose & Dave's.

Also I forgot my camera to take pictures of the proceedings. It would have been nice to have some pictures of the wonderful crowd.

I was late in picking up Amanda, because of my looking for the camera and the time I took in the shower. But [livejournal.com profile] eibii was cool about it. Big relief for me. I'm going to try to make sure that next time I pick her up on time.

So we arrived at the Christmas Open House at about ten minutes until four. There was not as much chatting at this point, more eating. Since I only meet most of Rose's Art Museum friends at the Christmas party once a year and Amanda has never met them before. I said hi to Maya and I showed off the Red Room to Amanda. I told my version of Little Red Ridding Hood to the sprout up in the room.

A while latter the candy cane cheesecake was served out. It was really excellent and so were the oriental chicken wings. I'm going to have to get the recipe from Rose. I always love adding another dish to my wide repertoire. Lots of chatting and the party gradually got really busy. I would say the peak was at about the cross over time of 7pm when the Open House guests were still lingering and the DASFA Christmas Orgy guests were starting to arrive. For a while we were dancing around each other and exchanging greetings with many old and new friends. I retreated upstairs to the red room frequently. I noticed Dave often came up to his bed to get away from the crowd as well. I’m not shy like him, but I do have to take breaks. Plus I don't want to get in the way and I like a quieter room where I can listen to and talk more easily. I'll remember this if I ever have the chance to design a house with parties in mind. Smaller nooks to have intimate conversations are a terribly good idea.

Martin showed up with Alex, a new guy interested in DASFA from the internet. He sent me an instant message about two weeks before the party out of nowhere. He seemed cool so I took a chance and invited him. I was glad I did, because though he was shy he gradually got into the party.

Sometime after 8pm I started in on the grav lox project. Washing it off and then putting it in the freezer so I could slice it up easily. Then back up to the Red Room with a tour around to talk to some people. About 20 minutes later I came back down and started slicing. It was disappearing from the cutting board as fast as I could cut for about the first half of the first piece. Then I toured around with it and basking in complements from the people who tired it.

About this time Jane sized the liquor filled chocolates for the Red Room. We all went up to relax in the decadent atmosphere. We played a sort of variation of in the sack where each person asked a question of the group and it went around the circle answering it. I think that Alex finally started to get into the party at this point since he ended up in the circle making and answering questions. I think he started to see us as similar to him, though mostly older, at that point.

After the questions had been around the whole circle I went back down to slice up the second side of grav lox. It seems that the red room somewhat broke up after that. I think it was getting to be about 10pm, maybe eleven. The party downstairs had gotten a lot quieter. DASFA has gradually become more of an early evening group.

Jane headed home and for a while the remaining fans chatted mainly in the dinning room. Somehow Alex got onto asking questions about radiation and nuclear weapons. I was answering things and getting corrections from mad scientists like Paul. The evening ended with me showing one of the extras on the Two Towers special edition, the Gollum acceptance speech on the MTV awards. Round about 1230pm I took Amanda home and then went home myself.
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I am going to call my great turkey adventure a victory, though I am still not completely sure how well it went. I had a grand time getting it started with my mom, roasting it all day, and when it finally came time to cut into the bird it was tender, juicy, and not the least bit overcooked. Those who tried it enjoyed my strange medieval sort of stuffing, so that's a successful experiment. Perhaps I shall do that again next year for Christmas. Also there were too other turkeys that were more completely demolished due to being a bit closer to the start of the buffet. So I was left with most of the dark meat on my bird, my favorite!

And when I got home I didn't wimp out, I took the whole hour to clean the bones and then put them in my slow cooker to make soup. Go me! Am v. pleased and will finish washing up the roaster pan tomorrow morning, second thing after a cuppa.

The SCA Baronial Yule was nice, though I didn't get to have as many good conversations as I expect to have at the DASFA Christmas Orgy. The Yule party was really huge! There must have been about 60 people there.
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I have a wonderful new fwend! Amanda, known around these parts as [livejournal.com profile] eibii, got a ride from me to the DASFA Alternate party on Saturday. She seems to like us and she agreed to join the Crew of Grenadine. Random tangent, there needs to be a word for when I like a person but don't know yet if he or she is a friend yet. But whatever stage that is Amanda is past it because we sat around talking for hours after the party about everything from yaoi fiction to fannish experiences. So very cool!

I also misremembered the party location as Huron instead of Grant Street so we were late. But it was all good. The subject of Charles Hansen, a late member of the Colorado Fantasy Society, came up. It seems he had a film of the masquerade at the 3rd Worldcon, Denvention in 1941. No one at the party had any idea of what might have happened to it. That's frustrating. It would be so cool to have something like that and get it transferred to disc so that it could be shown at cons and at fan parties. I mean, what a piece of history!

Speaking of which I'm thinking I'm going to renew my efforts to document DASFA history. Both as it happens and to get down memories of our past. I'll have to get some sort of portable digital recorder for those times at parties when DASFAns start reminiscing. Then I could transcribe what was said later. Must ponder this for a while.

Rhonda and Tay were there, of course, since it is their house. I saw Patrick and Sue Ann. I'm told that John and Bonnie stopped by before heading up to the Mad Scientist's party. Gail and Sourdough completed the circle of Dasfans.
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The Outer Fandom get-together at Diedrich's went rather well I thought. At first it seemed it would just be the regulars, myself, Paul, and Martin. But in short order we got a new guy named Brad and Jim a guy who shows up when he can. I talked party plans that them and everyone seems willing to go along with whatever I say, they don't seem down with the more democracy idea. Paul and Martin voted that I be dictator.

Will (our friend the young red head) came over and flirted with me and made snarky comments. I tried to give as good as I got, but I suspect he got the better of me several times. Though when he tried to tickle me I responded in kind with a fierce attack.

Arriving late on the scene was Derek, a friend of Martin's who he convinced to show. He seemed not to know what to make of us and I hope I didn't scare him off or something. Especially the friendly sniping between Will and I.

We might actually be upgrading the room to a suite and then I would crash at Martin's place since it is nearby the con hotel. Keep the costs relatively low by only having the party room for one night rather than two. I will depend on what I can work out with the hotel. Much more talking about batman, other possible party themes, and so on, most of it you had to be there for.

Eventually it was decided to decamp for a restaurant and after much muffling about where to do we ended up going to Thai Basil, a nice little place at Alameda and Pearl. The food is Thai with a bit of a California sort of taste thrown in. Some things very ethnic, others like Thai Mint Chicken that didn't seem quite so traditional. I had the spicy roasted duck, very tasty. After dinner I started handing out some assignments (should they choose to accept them, the secretary will deny all knowledge if they are caught) on what to bring to the party. I'm bringing wine and hard-boiled eggs (though I do want a touch of help peeling them). Paul is to get some vodka, Jim is to get fruit juices, Martin is to bring ginger ale, and Brad hasn't got one yet, but we'll work it out. Derek and Will didn't get one because they didn't come to dinner with the five of us.

We had a lot of fun, there were a number of jokes about how hyper I am. Jim dreads to see me on caffeine. I don't think I'm that bad, just a bit bouncy at times. And I can't believe he's not heard of perky Goths. I'll have to slip him some Dork Tower. Most of us decided not to do Spirited Away. I was rather too tired having been up since 4am for work today.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, let me know what I can do to make it better if not!
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A DASFA Alternate Party Report

DASFA's Alternate Party was last night and it was rather quiet. A person might think from how difficult it has been to get people to host these parties that they would be out of control bashes, but this one has apparently was reprehensive of the last few months with only six DASFA members attending. This was despite my last minute lobbying to get people to attend.

The subject of the lack of energy at DASFA parties was, of course, a topic of discussion. Dana Cain was mention as having been a big reason for the group being more vibrant in the past. Even if she didn't initiate all the parties herself she served as a sort of spark plug that would light off other club members doing things. The conclusion as always is a need for people who want to do things rather than willing to sit back and let things slide.

We had Paul Domes, who I gave the wrong time to, myself, Bruce Miller, and Sandy Diersing. Plus our hosts John and Tammy Fiala. I got to show off my new necklace and it was fun to socialize. John's dad showed up and talked for a long while with Bruce in the kitchen. Everyone was gone by midnight. There isn't much more to say than that.
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Okay, now I need to report on the rest of the DASFA Picnic. As I said previously Rick was the first to show up followed by Sourdough and Gail who brought their dogs along to the party. Patrick and Sue-Ann arrived and told us they had invited some friends of theirs, Jan and Mike Thompson, which sounded splendid to me since it looked like the turn out would be light. John and Bonnie rounded out the rest of our guests and we had a marvelous time. Good food, I got complemented on my pie making skills (go me!), and it seemed like everyone had a fun time. It was suggested to me that we should have our picnic in town next year, and I'm amiable to that idea, provided we can a find a park that is cheep or free and where we can barbecue. It is very convenient to be able to heat foods rather than have everything be cold cuts. I'd even be willing to shlep a small gas grill to whatever park.

In other news Sourdough reacted positively to the idea of a "Cookie Crunch" (everyone bring cookies) for the DASFA sponsorship of the Consuite on Friday night at MileHiCon. It he's not going to be annoyed at my changing of the tradition I think everyone else will be happy to go along with it as well. Chocolate has been a great theme, but I think it is time to move on. And also this means I don't make the Molé Chile this year. Good not to have to do that work, maybe I'll do it at Minicon instead. So this year I'll bring ice cream to make ice cream sandwiches and some oatmeal cookies. Or maybe Peanut Butter. The lovely thing about baking cookies is that I can do them well ahead and they don't cost much.

I left the picnic along with everyone else at about 8:45, I wanted to catch the tail end of Rose & Dave's big anniversary party along with Richard & Carol and Timmy & Kaia.
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Back to the Apple - Count Basie / Frank Foster
I can report the party as a success despite my essentially lazy nature getting in the way of preparations. I finally got up at about 10 am and started cleaning my apartment again. And cleaning, and cleaning, and putting away clean clothes, and picking up dirty ones, and making the worst of the clutter disappear. By 3pm, my announced starting time for the party the three small rooms (bathroom, kitchen, and main) were reasonably tidy, though not as clean as I would like. Not to worry, I can try again in three weeks with the repeat version of this party. I still had a sink full of dirty dishes, but that was not so bad compared to what the place looked like previously.

Many of my friends showed up, first on the scene were my mum, grandma Frances, and Daniel V (of Outer Fandom fame). I love my mother dearly and she brought the main course for the party, vanilla ice cream. Plus a few other things I asked her to pick up on her way into town. After the family members left we got Pat Thompson & Sue-Ann who brought Bing Cherries from the tree in their backyard. V. cool of them. Though from Sue-Ann's comment about not wanting anything with cherries in it I suspect a bit of the zucchini effect. After a while they had to leave, but Sourdough and Gail Barton came by and my good friend Martin Heck showed up around that time as well. My mom returned for a while and the Dorans, John & Bonnie, came by. Lastly we got Paul Domes who brought even more goodies and alcohol (champagne!) and the editors of Dasfax, Tay & Rhonda.

Much ice cream was consumed along with peaches, cherries, strawberries, honey, maple syrup, chocolate, butterscotch, and caramel. So for being a total bum and not wanting to have anything to do with cooking or getting a new ice cream churn the party came off nicely. Also we spent all but the first hour outside on the porch trying to catch the few errant breezes. It was a really hot day despite a few clouds coming over in the late afternoon.

Oh and I got to show off the drawing Sue Mason did for me as well at the chap book of her work made by Minicon. V. nifty. It is now after ten and I'm going to bed shortly because I have to work tomorrow. Just one more glass of champagne and another of mineral water so I don't get a head ache.

V. good day, Cheerful sprite is back.


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