Ale Day

Feb. 18th, 2012 04:05 pm
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The beer is brewing! This is the first time I have made beer in my house. I am mildly worried about keeping my house warm enough. My furnace can certainly maintain a good 65°F, I just do not know how much more it will cost. Usually I let the temperature drift down to more or less whatever it wants overnight and only warm it up for the morning and when I return from work. I think now it is time for me to cook a little squash and then I may go out for the evening.

BTW the Ale:
In the style of Boerke

8 oz German Munich Malt
6 oz Belgian Aromatic Malt
4 oz Belgian Biscuit Malt
4 oz Belgian Cara-Munich Malt
Steeped at 150°F for ten minutes in 1 gallon of water. Strained and sparged into brewpot.

6 lb. Liquid Light Malt Extract
1 lb. light dry malt extract
5 oz Belgian Clear Candi Sugar
4 oz Invert Sugar (Lyle's Golden Syrup)
added to the pot and then water brought to boiling

1.5 oz Styrian Goldings (hops)
boiled for 45 minutes. Note for the future, 3/4 on needed to maintain a full boil

1/2 oz Styrian Goldings
1 tsp. Irish Moss
boiled for 5 minutes

1/4 oz Czech Saaz
1/4 oz Challenger
boiled for 10 minutes

Cooled in sink for 20 minutes then strained into primary fermenter with sterile ice. Four trays too much for this recipe, two trays next time. Added 1 gallon heated water to bring it back up to 70°F from 57°F. Brought water up to full 5 1/8 gallons, measured original gravity at 1.065, rather on the high side. Pitched with Wyeast 1762, Belgian Abbey II.
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A friend of mine was looking for suggestions of good but inexpensive wines. As it happens she's in luck because Colorado produces some good wines and because they are relatively unknown they are good bargains.

Carson Vineyards- A good all around winery, but where they shine is with their fruit wines. Especially their Peach wine, which is 100% peach not a wine mixed with peach juice. It has a fuzzy semi-sweet and fruitful taste that is excellent chilled or just cool.

Colorado Cellars- Another good winery, I particularly recommend their Millennium Port Wine. It is a sweet port so there is a good chance that connoisseurs will not care for it as most of them like drier wines. However it is a very nice item with dessert.

Grand Valley Vineyards- Their Viognier is excellent. Their other wines are also very good, but for my money their spicy with just a touch of sweet old viognier is their best value.
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The Alternate was quite all right, though small. I missed having Jane and Rose there among other people because they had previously said they were going to come to more. Though they both had perfectly valid excuses. I suspect I am going to have to start phoning Dasfans to get a better turn out.

So C.J. is in the middle of a kitchen reconstruction project. Fantastically competent person, our C.J. is. Just got frustrated one day and took out all the cabinets. Then set to work building new and better shelves, installing a new stove and oven and generally improving the works.

I was possibly less perky than usual because I'm recovering from a tooth problem. Either I got some sort of infection under my new crown, the never has become suddenly sensitive, or else the dentist misjudged that he had gotten rid of all the decay when drilling down in. I am quite hopeful it is one of the two former and not the later. That way eventually it will go away either due to our friend amoxicillin or just giving it a bit of time. In the meanwhile I am occasionally taking some non-localized analgesics to deal with the pain. Either just ordinary ibuprofen or a generic version of vicoden depending upon how bad the pain is.

All that is a complex way of explaining how Karen came to be at the dead dog. I didn't feel well enough to drive, well I did, I just was very reluctant to do so. So my mom was ever so kind and drove me to the dead dog. I am very glad I did so because I had a great time talking to C.J., Paul, and Erik.

Most impressive thing of the evening was C.J. opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Two wood screws inserted so the cork could be carefully twisted while at the same time slowly and carefully pulled out. I applauded when the task was done, though it didn't do me any good. No alcohol for the next 9 days while I'm taking the antibiotics. Gah! How will I ever survive?
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YO! (Ho, ho.) Well I still have some smoked salmon and cheese to eat, so I think I'll take it to the DASFA Dead Dog Party after the meeting on Saturday. Maybe a bottle of wine as well. You really ought to show up if you are local, the meeting will be short and then we can party.

I finally had bad luck with a bottle of wine on Saturday. I've had a lot of wine over the years, this is the first ever that had gone off in the bottle. I've been told that one in twenty go off like this, but I've purchased around fifty (10 a year, sounds about right) bottles since I turned 21 and not a one was off before. So I'm not sure if this is my luck finally giving out or if the percentage is lower or what.
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It probably isn't my most brilliant move ever, but I'm having a big Bloody William tonight. That's triple sec, tequila, and cranberry juice and it is indeed named after my favorite vampire. I don't think I'm drinking excessively (but isn't that always a warning sign), but I had a truly rotten day and I feel like treating myself to two alcohol units. Rather a lot for someone of my size.

Wheee, I'm off to bed.


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