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Hold Fast - Gormenghast

I became self aware at 9am. This was a good thing because I need a full hour to get going and my first panel was to be at 10am. I did a nice shirt, this sort of evil military shirt made of a nice dark grey blue fabric with a sheen like it is made with glass and my wonderful Calvin Klein jeans. 28 waist and 32 inseam, I'm amazed every time I get into them. I think I also wore my new Mad Max jacket, this nice distressed brown leather affair with ring pulls on the pockets. I snitched a little way too sugary food from the consuite and grabbed a seltzer from my own room and I was off to the Morrison Room.

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Number of outfits: Five

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Good Times - INXS and Jimmy Barnes

I awoke fairly early for having stayed up too late packing and cooking. The remainder of my hasty preparations took until noon. After picking up some fresh fruit and dropping off food at a friend's house I arrived at the Denver West Sheraton for MileHiCon 35 at about 1pm. I'm sure I made quite an entrance wearing a casual outfit of black jeans, my blue Hawaiian shirt, and a turquoise & bone necklace. I was also deliberately scruffy since that goes with a sort of beach bum look. Hardly anyone realizes how much thought I put into looking the way I do. <grin>

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So I'm back from MileHiCon. It was a better year for me than the last one. I won't know if it was better or worse for the convention until we have the next meeting in November. Though the anecdotal reports are that attendance was down from last year, which is was we expected with the economy being down and not having a Star Trek star this year.

I'm going to start on my convention report tomorrow since I have to go to work and I'm going to go to bed shortly. I've been busy getting started putting everything back the way it was or better.

One more thing, I'm going to have the DASFA Alternate this Saturday after I get back from work. That should be around 6pm.

Oh and I'm rather put out by the fires in California. I was writing a SF short story about west Denver being engulfed by fire in Chinook winds. Real events have overtaken my idea so it's useless as SF now. Darn reality. <wry grin> I wonder how SF writers who have completed works feel when something tragic like it comes true.
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Well here I am all panicked about getting my act together for MileHiCon. Apparently there has been a miscommunication about rooms since I still only have one room, where I thought I had two right next to each other. I've emailed Thea (our hotel liaison, the person that the hotel said I'd have to talk to about the second room) and I need to remember to call her again tonight. If she can fix this I'll have to do something wonderful for her. Any suggestions of what that should be?

My apartment is still not clean. I spent yesterday dealing with all sorts of things but ended up not having enough cleaning time. Maybe I should have put off my haircut until Friday morning. Also the DASFA bookmarks are not done, I'm going to have to see if I can either get them done Friday morning or what. I will have more than enough time to cook the eggs tonight, the difficulty is with everything else. I need to bake some cookies or maybe break down and buy them. I also wanted to make tapioca pudding, but I think that'll just have to go by the wayside. Maybe I'll buy a cheese cake instead. Also I suspect that I am short of eating utensils, I'll have to check when I pack up tonight.

Things to do:
Get Cash for Weekend
Buy milk, eggs, baking soda, and flour
Charge camera
Locate and pack camera accessories
Cook eggs for party
Pack big stockpot (to keep ice in at the DASFA cookie crunch and party)
Finish Bookmarks!
Bake Cookies if possible
Start tapioca soaking if advisable

Pack up cooler
Organize Car Somewhat
Get Bookmarks Printed
Buy ice cream and another gallon of milk if needed
Go to Hotel by Noon

Expect updates from me if you see them. I might be away from computer for the next three days.


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