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I dreamed of a man who went down to the seaside. I am not sure if there was more dream before this, it could be that I just have a sense of the story before it without it actually having happened. He was the particular friend of a fairy who made a bargain with him. The result of this bargain was that when he went to an English seaside town and was talking around a little park and expressed how nice it would be to live there it started to transform when he walked further down. The sunken brick space all well tended and surrounded with trees grew up into a little house. This being magic the house even had a history to go with it. A mean woman an her granddaughter who were near there became, at least temporarily, its residents. They called it the old admiral's house when the protagonist came back. And the magic soon had the mean woman offering this fine little house with big beams, polished woodwork, and brick to the man in exchange for his house in Swindon. This was all magic because the woman was a tight fisted terror who'd no more exchange a fine seaside home dominating the view at the end of the high street for one in Swindon than she would give to charity. This became a problem because even though she should have forgotten all about the house as soon as she'd given the protagonist the key she came back and was trying to throw him out. The little boy (her grandson?) served as a foil that allowed her to explain what she was doing to the audience.

As is frequently the case I identified strongly with the protagonist of this dream and was very upset at the machinations of the old woman as well as the fairy for causing this messed up situation. After much running about and arguing in well lit rooms she went away long enough for the protagonist to go upstairs and start ripping some music to iTunes. Yeah, I know, that did not really seem to fit on the same level of story telling. Looking over the balcony to the main room of the house it was dark now, pale blue light barely illuminated the normally blond wood of the floors. The LEDs glowed in their cool way in the dark and I wondered what music this was. Perhaps the music to Hellboy 3 or a video game about him. I was not sure, but it fit with the mood. I had the sense that things were not over with the woman who was trying to claim the house before I woke up.
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I had found three silver dimes in the cash drawer and then I was putting away a huge sack of brown rice when I saw a huge bird outside my door. The biggest raven I had ever seen, a veritable wonder. I was so fascinated I wanted to see more of it. So I ripped open one end of the bag and threw it some of the fine grains inside. The raven was interested, but it had a hard time with the grain on the ground not being a dedicated grain eater. I tried to put little heaps of for it and I did attract it inside the house, quite a bold bird but then he was large enough, and eventually offered him one end of the sack which he ate from merrily for a minute before strutting out.

When I came home I found another corvid in my home, in this dream a place with three rooms and a slanting wooden floor. Narrow kitchen, middle room with a drop freezer where I was keeping my rice, and my bedroom where I found the bird looking at me from the door to the toilet. This a grey-white raven with a funny bill. I started talking to him saying the sorts of things that one says to something you do not expect a reply from. "Now how did you get inside? Did your friend tell you?" Etc. It was a much smaller bird than the earlier giant raven. Then a bird spoke to me, an very large owl. He said it was no use talking to him because he could not speak. There were a number of owls and ravens in my house and I was quite worried that they were going to make a mess and what had I gotten myself into? But actually they had done the dishes. They were going to spend the night and the big owl that did almost all the talking nibbled my eyebrows playfully as I got into bed. And at that time the alarm went off and there was no more dream.
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I dreamed of reading a story, an old fairytale. It was a Polish story and the hero comes upon two towns that have good reputation, but it turns out the reputation (which are built up very tall like medieval/victorian skyscrapers) is false as are the towns and each had just one evil sorcerer type living in it. And I remember that they were Jewish and that made me wonder if this story was anti-Semitic. I cannot remember their names now, they they started with H and T and each had made his town a variation upon the other's name.

If I read the rest of the story I don't remember it now, but apparently I got busy with a roleplaying game night using a supplement published by John Fiala. I was in a strange house and quite a few Dasfans were there including the author. And we talked writing shop for a while and I congratulated him on his black magic game supplement. Then, perhaps in the course of playing the game, my character got a hold of a book of evil magic that he proceeded to keep in an iron safe bound with lead despite what the other characters wanted. And the whole dream began to dissolve into random thoughts as I woke up.
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I had this dream while I was out on the fishing trip earlier in the week.

There were two police in old looking military vehicles. They looked to be something out of the 1940s, like half-tracks that had be sold to civilians after the war. They gave chase and I followed to an old excavation into the base of cliff. By the light of the headlights we saw rock things, like round molded bits of clay with primitive faces. They were thrown/hopped up to the edge of the pit and would have killed the officers had they not been knocked back down by the deputy.

Then I descended into the cave/pit. In a muddy water filled cut to one side I found shards of thick ancient pottery that had once been bars of Egyptian magic stones used by early christians to perform "miracles". I knew how powerful even these broken shards could be in the right hands so I stayed to gather them from the cold and dirty water. Even though they threatened to seal me in, I think partially to save the secret.

Because I could not get out I explored this cave/mine place and found huge passageways leading off in three directions. They were blocked by glass sheet walls and glass doors like the ones at expensive department stores. One lead to the afterlife, I could tell this because incised in the rock above it were the words, "All Your Friends". All the doors except the afterlife one were closed and locked to me, and I did not want to go to the afterlife.

I went back to the entrance and found a group of medieval nobles, like recreations that could not know they were just imitations. They were all fighting and scheming over the young princess who would be queen. I claimed to the top of their wooden partitions to try to reach the sealed entrance behind a square carving. But the princess spotted me and after my tooth was broken by an elf noblewoman I joined in the fray. I killed many of them with my sword, often before they could react. I was most upset about my tooth, which rotted and fell out after being broken. I was going to kill all the elves in some ridiculous overwrought vengeance, but I woke up on a foggy morning.
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I rescued a lobster creature and was carrying her through the forest. It was dimly lit as if by an overcast day. The trunks of the pines around me stood out as rough pillars of variegated charcoal and black bark. I walked down a little into a shallow gully and back up the other side, the dark green canopy above me. And there I came to the edge. A series of glass doors set in a long, maybe endless, concrete bay. I could easily see through them as they were the type of door that is one thick sheet of glass with a handle set into it. There was a LED sign above each showing its status. Behind them a city at sunset, a dark smoggy place with a wide freeway immediately before me. I could see an oil refinery beyond, and far off, there was the ocean that was my goal. I stepped onto the old and pockmarked concrete before the doors. It was clean though it was in the middle of the forest, as if someone came by each day to sweep away needles and dirt. The first door I tried was unlocked and I escaped.
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A Pointless Story
About a dream rather like one Angel had. I dreamed...

I see a mist ahead of me. As I get closer I can see a forest through the thin tendrils of moisture and I realize that I am falling. Before I got to this point it was calm and peaceful but now I realize I am moving very fast. The clouds fall behind me and I see the forest coming up. There is a dark grey cliff towards my feet, I'm falling spread eagle trying to slow down. But this isn't that sort of dream, it is brutally realistic. I know I'm not going much faster, but as I get closer my speed becomes ever more apparent and suddenly I am into the trees. I'm impaled upon the branches. I can feel them through my legs arms and torso. I can see my blood dripping onto the dark green tropical leaves.

I had this dream several times when I was young. And contrary to what I'd been told it really hurt. I frequently feel intense pain in my dreams and have quite a few nightmarish ones.
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A Pointless Story
One morning about a year ago when I had stayed up far too late I staggered to the shower to try to wake up. Usually the hot water of a shower revives me quite nicely and that's why I shower in the morning rather than in the evening. Into the shower and then something very, very strange happened. I was standing there swaying a bit and suddenly I was dreaming. I dreamed I was in Vorkosigan House. There were vague encounters and I fled up a chimney that then started to tumble end over end. That continued for quite a bit and then I was back in the shower again swaying under the constant rain of warm water. My fingers were very prune-y and I found much to my horror that I had been in the shower, dreaming while standing up, for around an hour. Since then I have not tried to get by on so little sleep.
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I had a strange dream. I was in some strange capitol city. There was much confusion as I moved about because the UN and the US Military were abandoning the city. Amidst it all I was quite calm walking around like a prince of the earth and no one would hurt me. I wore all black and carried a walking stick like it was some sort of badge of office. I went to the US Embassy, had an argument about something, then returned to the market place. There I was pleased to find that in a somewhat nondescript building the Cub Foods was sill open. I was amazed to find them still operation, and though most of the lights were out so we could only see by lanterns and lights inside the still operating cold shelves. The prices were about twice that of the US and I thought that quite reasonable. I got some oranges and returned to the palm-lined street.

I think perhaps my character in this dream movie was as some sort of reformer trying to keep order. Ahaggar is some sort of nation that existed briefly before the French took control of the interior of West Africa after the Berlin Conference in 1884.
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So I had this funky dream about being at a science fiction convention/parties. At one point I went to a room party where they were selling stuff and I tried on this really heavy necklace. It was made of some sort of interlocking ceramic or carved stone stuff pieces that flexed even though it seemed too solid too do so. The pieces were dark blue and white with deep diamond shaped spaces going deep into its center, the whole thing must have been an inch around. It had a heavy-duty silver clasp and regretfully said I could not buy it. Too heavy to wear practically I said.

Also at this party there was a weird cross between a harp and piano that had a strangely car like wooden frame. It was a long sleek shape, like a streamlined train made of polished wood and the player would reach inside to pluck strings when the panels were opened. Funky.

I also dreamed I was trying to chat up this guy at the party. And then I drifted awake.
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A Pointless Story
I grew up in a ponderosa pine forest. Though as a child I didn't appreciate them as much because I had been indoctrinated by Tolkien to think that a proper forest ought to be thick and dark with a canopy of leaves blocking out the sun a hundred feet above your head. The ponderosa pine grows into a sort of open glade with lots of dappled sunlight reaching the forest floor between the trees and their long needles. The trees are staggered about 4 meters apart in a healthy forest, though where I grew up they were often just 2 meters apart and rather scraggly. The needles are these wonderfully long bundles of three at least 10cm in length and often as long as 15cm.

The long needles also make a ponderosa forest sound different. In a deciduous forest it’s a distinctly leafy sort of sound when the wind rustles all the leaves. Or in a forest of spruce the wind hisses a bit at it goes through the short needles. But when it goes into those long needles it causes a roar almost exactly like the sound of distant waves on a beach. When I was young I would imagine that the wind in the pines was actually the sound of the sea rushing in to drown the valley. And in my daydreams I would go down to look upon the inlet of a strange alien sea replacing the mundane town of Elizabeth.

Far shores that I would travel in a canoe to reach unfamiliar lands and townships along the Sea of Tethys. I was like that, big imagination. I would play with my sister a lot making towns and roads by raking or pushing away the thick mat of pine needles on the forest floor. I remember hardly any of the street names now, but I remember that we created an imaginary town with enough room for 50 children between just the two of us. Years later I was reminded of this when looking at the way towns here in the west were often laid out with the expectation of tens of thousands who never arrived.
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Okay so I'm sort of watching Anime in this dream thing. I seem to watch a lot more telly in my dreams than I do in real life. It had this anthropomorphic sort of fox fellow with the attitude of Lupin, roguish hero, who loved to eat. The part I was watching him taking on this whole bar with karate and such and getting in food at the same time.

Apparently I was watching this with Spike because after watching the fight he suggested we go out do some stuff rather than watching this all night. We wandered around to this grassy raised park sort of area in the moonlight. Saved this white witch/fortune teller type person. Big fight and Spike was of course all into that. I was more laid back, just getting in a few licks here and there.

Spike took her home with me trailing behind, like I do. We talked about how cool moonlight is, making the vampire demon face much less obvious than by bright streetlights. He was all proud that he'd rescued the woman, so I suppose this would be seventh season Spike. Apparently I wasn't that bad as a vampire because I was cool with the whole helping rather than eating thing. Perhaps he was mentoring me a bit? I dunno.

I suggested a bar with some Roman characters (not making sense here, Romans?). There was an excellent brawl at the bar after we got there. This one big guy, huge like Hagrid, looked like he was going to be ganged up on until he suggested he could take any two of them. So this guy with more bravery than brains teamed up for a fight with his mate, they were both wearing the Greco/Roman leather skirt things. I talked to Spike and he commented that the big guy was brilliant. He was going to have the whole place coming at him then he made it about honor and he could take them two at a time instead. Then someone who looked rather like Lister said that his friend taking on the giant was not the sharpest pencil in the box.

Interesting sort of dream, but I didn't get to have slash action with Spike! <silly laugh>
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I had a very good night's sleep. I think my plan to avoid the news was a good idea. For one thing it was previously my habit to fall asleep listening to the BBC and I would often have dreams related to the news. Instead last night/this morning I had an excellent dream about a alternate history movie called Marx World. It was about an alternate timeline where Marxist governments dominate the solar system. It wasn't totally dystopian, but there was a lot of running and escaping. I remember one bit in particular where the heroine was driving down a highway and the camera angles up to the moon, only as the camera zoomed in it became apparent that it was the Earth and by implication this part of the adventure was on the moon. At some point the action was in a grain field on Mars and eventually it wound back on earth, but the details are fuzzy. Cool dream movie, even if the plot didn't make any sense. In my dream I was watching it in the house I grew up in.

I had forgotten all about it, but I started humming a song in the shower (Varsity Drag). That reminded me of The Ruling Class and that in turn reminded me of an homage where the female character in my dream movie went mad at the end and said "Vroom – It's gone!" just like Jack.
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I was too busy to write about it on Saturday, but I had a dream that I remembered on Friday. I was at the closing ceremonies of MileHiCon. The remaining guests gathered around the critter crunch platform as usual and we were waiting for the "Benediction for the Fallen" to start. I looked around and saw that we had torch stands around and they were all lit with green flames and I thought, "That must be for Roy. I wonder where they got all those." That's all I remember.
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I ate a peach last night before bed. It was a truly beautiful fruit and while I slept I dreamed that was making a shirt from cloth like peach skin. It was a little bit velvety and slithered about on the sewing machine. The color was the same as a peach as well, a pinkish orange with brushes here and there of a rich red. The dream fragmented and made less sense as it went along, but I remember that I was wearing jeans that I had made as well. Instead of being flat there was a pouch in the crotch, nothing extreme, just enough to make them more comfortable like well made underwear. I doubt that I could find this perfect peach cloth to make a shirt, especially one as cool as the one in my dreams, but I might consider making myself some PG-13 jeans like I wore last night while dancing away from demons.

I have had other dreams about fantastic clothing. And daydreams as well. One of my favorites is of a comfortable short sleeved shirt, like a Hawaiian, but with a narrow turned up collar to protect the neck a bit from the intense mountain sunlight. The print would be Coloradan things like scattered gold aspen leaves on the forest floor and pale yellow sunsets over dusky purple mountains. Maybe a prairie field with our light grasses and lots of bright orange Indian Paintbrush under a dark blue high plains sky.

More unlikely was the tie with the moving drips of black ink, but that's starting to cross over from fantasy clothing to just plain magic. Slightly more feasible (but not much) was the tee shirt made of some sort of fiber optic plastic such that the whole thing glowed from light poured into it from the edge by a LED.

I guess all this shows the kind of obsession I have with clothes, eh?
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<cue Mishalak's Pointless Stories intro song>
When I dream it seems to almost always be strange and disturbing things that happen to me. There is probably an insight into my personality in that, but I'm not clever enough to suss out what it might be. When I was in college I had a simply splendid one about coming into my dormitory late at night. So here is that dream in very short story form.
I loved walking back to my dorm on nights like that one. The rich damp smell of the earth and the ponds, the quality of the light from the moon and street lamps, and the cool of the air made me happy to be alive on an autumn night. I was thinking about the poker game at the coffee house and talking to Ben about how the hands had fallen. I didn't really notice that there was no one on duty at the front door. Usually at night all the doors are locked so residents can only get in through the front door by showing their ID to a student on duty.

The big common room was dark as we entered it, and the hair on the back of my neck prickled up. The lights were never off in this room and there were several people standing around the disused hearth.

"Ooooohhhh goodie, more partygoers," said one of the guys in a mocking voice.

Were these frat boys partying? Should I try to walk past to the stairwell near the fireplace? Go back... and some of them were already moving towards us. I turned and found my arms caught in strong hands, or course I struggled but only for a moment as the grip was like fighting against carved wood. Ben and I were half dragged to the figure lounging on hearthstone.

What I could see was a man with long oily hair in motorcycle leathers. He smirked and asked, "So do they wish to play with us?"

The one who held me was the same who spoke earlier, "Oh I think they do." We were both forced down to our knees. I realized there was a body on the floor, I could not see him clearly... no her. I could barely make out her face, but I think I knew her. One of my fellow work students and I could tell she was hurt, maybe even dead. I don't know if Ben saw more or what, but he started struggling as the group laughed cruelly at us.

The leader in the biker outfit asked me, "What's your name?"

I looked up at him and replied coolly, "Matthew."

"How calm he is, I think his friend understands, but he doesn't yet. Let's show him. Are you hungry Cruella?"


She came forward and with excessive drama grabbed the back of Ben's head. He was crying by now and she bared her fangs at me. Vampires are real. I had occasionally thought about the supernatural, but I didn't believe in it. Maybe I was in shock, but it didn't feel like it. I just felt very annoyed this was happening, a growing outrage that these creatures were playing with our lives.

She sunk in her fangs with the same theatrical excess; I think she let some of the blood spray from his neck onto me on purpose. I flinched at that, but I didn't react otherwise. The rest save the one holding onto me moved forward to have their bit of the meal. It was horrible to watch, but I had already decided to give them nothing. If I were to cry it would be later if I survived this. Which I didn't really expect to happen, this was not looking good at all for survival.

The leader looked up from the kill with bloodied lips. "Why aren't you afraid?"

Best to answer him, I was going to be brave, but not suicidal, "I am afraid, but would showing it do me any good?"

"You expect to escape then?"

"Not really, though I am looking for any possible way. None has yet occurred to me."

He laughed at this some of the other vampires tittered, "I like you, would you like to be one of us, immortal?"

"Not particularly."

"Too bad you won't have a choice in this."

He moved towards me and pushed my head up to expose my neck and he bit into it. At first the pain was very sharp, but that faded and I felt like I was falling down a deep well. Like falling asleep from exhaustion and I heard voices there. Arguing, one the mocking voice of the vampire that held me saying, "Not worthy," stood out. And I felt a fire within me and then I knew nothing.

Too be continued...


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