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I have a great big old metal ammo box that I found in an alley and it seems to me that I ought to store something it it. But what? Should I build a weird surprise for whoever goes through my stuff after I have died? Use it for something halfway practical? Load it with random magical looking apparatus? Croquet balls? Twenty pounds of pennies? Several thousand cherry pits? Terrible darkness? Paperback books?
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How would/could have Apollo 11 worked as a 1950s science fiction novel? Was there enough drama in it or would the amazing reality be too dry because it all went to plan?
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One of the things that was done at MileHiCon years and years ago was a late night panel about slash fiction. I seem to recall that at first it was straight[1] panel discussion of slash by readers and writers of slash, though some of us showed up in pajamas since that was its first name. The panel came back again in later years with readings, Eye of Argon style, of slash found in the wild. This meant that the printouts would be passed around and people would read aloud until they could go no further or cracked up laughing. It was very fun.

About two hours after I got all excited by the idea of bringing back the Slash Panel at Bubonicon the thought occurred to me that looked at from outside that we were being cruel. I assume that some of the slash was written at least part in jest like that slash of the Arby's Oven Mitt with the Hamburger Helper Glove[2]. But I am fairly sure that the piece about Roy Orbison in cling wrap on a spaceship was written dead earnest. The guy who found it said that it was part of a series written by someone in Germany who had a very specific kink and that they all contained Roy Orbison and cling wrap.

My first reply to myself was, "Well how would you feel if you found out, inadvertently, that your pornography were being laughed at?" I thought I would not mind that it was happening, but I would not want to be there. I do not think I would want to be the subject of a comedy roast, either. Though simultaneously I would want to know what happened, so it might make me a little crazy.[3] Other than that I do not think I would care very much, but then I am an odd person and I have the safety of having written under a pseudonym from a disposable account that I no longer have, so any embarrassment does not attach to me.

So I am still left with two questions that I do not yet have an answer to. Is this panel idea ethical? Should it be revived?

1. Heh. I was the token gay/bisexual guy put on the panel along with the fanfic writers, so it was fairly straight panel, but of course I meant in the sense of being the usual panel discussion found at all fantasy/science fiction conventions. I later wrote some fanfic, but not much.

2. I really hope that Arby's Oven Mitt actually is not someone's kink. I think vore would be more comprehensible. Not by much, but still...

3. Okay, here is the plan. I am going to go to the roast and take lots of notes on what I need to improve. Then, as I come out, you are to poison me with this very precisely calibrated deadly poison dart that will cause just enough trauma to that I forget everything that happened in there. Any questions? "Why are you doing this?" I will get back to you with and answer to that one later.

Aging CDs

Jul. 31st, 2009 11:22 am
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I just read an article on the BBC about long term information storage. At one point the article quotes a study by the Optical Storage Technology Association that found, "CDs had a life expectancy of only around 15 years". Has anyone reading this found this to be true? I ask because I have at least one set of CDs that I purchased in or just before I was in high school, so if I am not mistaken I would have purchased this in about 1993 about the time it was released. That makes these CDs close to 16 years old now and I should not expect them to keep playing. So far though no trouble. Anyone have a music CD fail due to age rather than scratches or something?
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I am considering the purchase of some American Apparel shirts. This was one of the long list of things I desired once I had money from my new job

Specifically the ones called Sunset T-Shirts by the company are the ones I most like. I particularly like the Fluorescent Orange Sunset. Their Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket also temps me greatly in red.

Their standard Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt is well cut, but a bit pricey at $17.00 a piece. Even though I'd rather support American workers I find myself wishing they were only a little more than tees at Target rather than being about twice as expensive even when Target is not having a sale. The colors I like are Brown, Cranberry, Aqua, Sea Foam, Kelly Green, Olive, and Army.

I would have been likely to order rather a lot of the Long Sleeve T-Shirts, but almost none of them are available in even small, much less the extra small that my measurements say I should wear, and in colors I like. Unavailable in Cranberry, Light Blue, or Silver. And only in small for Brown and Asphalt, so I'm only thinking of getting Sea Foam since it is available in extra small. Fortunately their arms are more than long enough for me even in XS.

A silly technological tee that interests me is the Thermochromatic Sheer Jersey T-Shirt. But what color? "Hyper Green" is nice, the "Hyper Vermilion" is fun, the orange gold is good looking, but might be the wrong color with my skin tone, and "Hyper Fast-Blue" and "Fast-Black" do not seem cheerful/vibrant enough to me. And what size? I've tried on their products in the past and the extra-small fit me exactly with just enough room to move comfortable and not a centimeter more. This is because I fall between their sizes with my 29 inch waist and 33 inch chest. So if I was buying strictly for looks I might go with extra small, but would this sort of thermochromatic tee look better a bit loose?

If anyone has better suggestions for me to spend my hard earned money on I'd love to hear them.
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Last week Richard let me know that he had an offer of house sitting for a friend who'd be working in India for a year (or something like that). If K___ accepted this job he'd be moving out in July. Well today K___ accepted the job so this is on. I have to get all my stuff into one room and find a roommate if I want to keep this apartment. I could pay for it all on my own, but that would be a real financial bummer. So... anyone going to need a roommate in Denver 'round about July or August?
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My parents have to move out of their house due to foreclosure. They're not going to be able to find a place to live until May due to everything that is going on and they have to be out by April 8. Anyone in the Denver Metro area have a garage or basement they're willing to volunteer from now until the end of July to store my grandmother's dinning room table, six chairs, and a sideboard? It is the same size as my current dinning table and so if I took it in I would then have the problem of what to do with my dinning table.

That's the big thing, but any space that they could beg for would be helpful. Like me my parents have box after box of books they're packing up.
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When prognostication or prophesy is used in a story how do you imagine it works? The future has a set outcome and the seer can see part of it, but he might not be able to see everything anymore than someone with a telescope can see everything all the way to the horizon. Fortunetelling somehow taps into the magical equivalent of the futures market or current weather conditions to predict a certain amount of the future. God/gods have a plan and are just using the poor prophet as a mouthpiece to announce their plans. The wizard doesn't actually know the future, he's performing a sort of magic to force the future to conform to his vision rather like someone deliberately crashing a market for personal gain. Just like in the real world he's being vague enough that he can claim credit later on. Other?

Or are signs and portents in a story a cheat and something no good writer should muck about with?
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If the various sĂ­dhe, fairies, sprites, bogies, and/or elves were real what rock musicians would they listen to?

My Answer )
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Okay, see this icon? It is fabulous genuine Sue Mason [livejournal.com profile] frostfox art of moi. But it needs better words. Ones I could use when I'm feeling other than catty. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Does anyone reading this use a Windows client to post to LJ? I've finally gotten annoyed enough at one of the features of the web interface to try one out.

Edit: I'm trying out Semagic now. It works well, but I have an additional question thingy. If no one knows I will, of course, take it to the geeks group to ask. This program is working fine for editing, but is there something where I could download my whole journal and save it? Just in case LJ evaporates at some point.


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