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And now, a review. On Tumblr I posted a picture of drinking the other day. I, of course, never drink and the allegation that I was drunk when I almost turned everyone in Kansas City, Missouri into a werebear is a traitorous lie (I was aiming at Topeka). And in line with my settlement with the UN I apologize for that. So, because I am not allowed to drink anymore by international agreement, I was just taking a picture of someone else’s ale the other day. And this is… that other person’s review.

The first thing is that this is a thick beer. Marques thought I was pouring out some kind of syrup and I was reminded of that time I drank motor oil on a dare. Guinness has nothing on this. Only a modest head and the flavor is enormously strong. I thought it would be a pretty heavy stout, but it was more like something that should be consumed from a cordial glass than as a glass of quenching refreshment. It was also, really, really strongly flavored. Hardly any hops, but strong malt and coffee type roasted flavors. It was a fun to drink, but even if this were not just a one off I do not think I could drink this every day. Or even every week. There was still half a bottle left after the party and I did not just drink this while eating corn on the cob and proceeding to plot against those rational fools at the institute.
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Of all the ice creams a person can currently get from grocery stores in America Häagen-Dazs Five Lemon is my second favorite. Right after Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Honey Bee. The whole thing with just five ingredients is somewhat gimmicky in a way, but in another way it is exactly what I want my ice cream to be. It's ice cream damn it. No low fat anything, the ingredients are milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and lemon. Other than the little bits of lemon peel, which I rather like, it is a nice smooth ice cream as well. I like dissolving ice cream on my tongue and letting the flavor spread out rather than chewing it with my teeth. It makes me think of cold lemon custard, which is exactly what I expect and want. It is not quite up to the awesomeness of fresh lemon custard from my local ice cream parlor, but it is fantastic.
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I like it. The ice cream is a bit chunky without being hard to get through. The flavor is a bit like cake batter with other good stuff in there. I don't know that I would identify the the flavor as Boston Cream Pie without the name, but I like its interestingly different flavors. I may buy it again when it is not on sale, though it won't replace Häagen-Dazs "Five" Lemon, Häagen-Dazs "Five" Mint, or Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Honey Bee from their special place in my heart.


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