Jan. 23rd, 2014

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I love National Public Radio. Really, I do. I love the popular science stuff from Radiolab, I like the personal stories from The Moth, the random mix of serious and silly on This American Life, and even Fresh Air with Terry Gross (though I find jazz about as interesting as interesting as writing as a spectator sport). And periodically I will give in to my old news junkie addition and check out the NPR website for a dose of voyeuristic Washington and New York style gossip. “Oh no, President Obama said what? Oooo, let's go to the Republicans for a bitchy reply soundbite.”

Today when I gave in to the impulse to have a little shot of news I was disappointed by a post by Mark Memmott. It was headlined, “Rather Than Joking About Justin Beiber, Watch This Video”. It was the amazing heartfelt monologue by Craig Ferguson on why he was not going to do Britney Spears jokes like every other comedian at the time. It was about comedy and not kicking the vulnerable when they are down and getting sober. 

In what sense is someone who is street racing a Lamborghini while intoxicated a vulnerable person who is down? In your rush to be the secular priesthood disapproving of all of us crass peasants making fart jokes about the powerful have you taken leave of your senses, NPR? Britney Spears shaved her head after being in rehab. Shaving off your hair is an act of self loathing boarding on self harm; driving a car at high speeds while drunk is endangering other people. It would be one thing if people were mocking him for cutting himself or crying in public, but he is still behaving like a spoiled brat rather than someone who is seeking help.

So, while I have not until this point reblogged any of the various things circulating due to the rumble between the Supernatural and Bieber crews I for one say, “Keep on doing it.” Yeah, it might stop being funny at some point and be watching for that moment, but for now Justin Bieber is still one of the powerful in need of a good ribbing rather than someone we should leave alone while he gets himself back together.


mishalak: A fantasy version of myself drawn by Sue Mason (Default)

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