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Dinner, or perhaps supper, today was a nice filet of Pacific Cod. Patted dry, sprinkled with salt, and instead of the usual pepper alone, freshly ground coriander and cumin with the pepper much reduced. Once the fish showed a bit of moisture it was dredged in flour and then sauteed in a small skillet using sesame oil. What an improvement over the usual use of pepper alone! The mixture, however, did not improve on steamed broccoli. Perhaps next time I shall try some other herb with my veg.
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"So, you're a super-villain."


"Master of all villainy."

"That is my calling."

"... and you drive a sensible white four door sedan."

"Yeah.. Well.. Super villainy does not pay very well until you've put in your dues. And do not use it for jobs."

"Uh-huh. And what do you use for 'jobs'."

"A bicycle, but it is a really neat black one."
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Craigslist Ad for Free Wombat

Reading the free section of Craigslist today I saw the above ad. Am I a side character in an Ursula Vernon story? Will I shortly be called upon to play the villain for whoever adopts the wombat?
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"Hello. Yes, hero, it is Mishalak.


Mishalak. The villain. I went up against you last month at Astro Bank.

Oh for.. Yes, I was working for Iron Goddess, but I have my own outfit and everything, I am not 'just a hench'.


Never mind that, I need you to get me soup...


Yes, get me soup. I have a head cold and I do not want to infect anyone. Hello? Hello? Damn."
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Well, cold virus, welcome to my body. Settle right in while I set my immune system to "murderize". Oh, you wanted to just pass through? I think not. I will give you zero opportunity to escape. You picked the wrong villain to annoy, buddy.
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Class was cancelled today due to teacher illness and almost none of us believed it until 9:30. A number of us took pictures of the notice to have proof just in case someone was playing a prank on our class. The perils of April 1st.
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I took my foxtail rosemary outside yesterday. It liked my porch well enough to bloom, but it needs the sun.

Having tried, and failed, to keep rosemary going over the winter in the past I am pleased it is so happy. Next winter perhaps it will be my Christmas tree. Though the porch is best for it. Cool temperatures and morning sun.

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I think of people as trees (and vines and other things, but trees right now). There are people like silver maples who grow tall, strong, and brittle. When a problems come like a horrible blizzard out of the north their branches break under the load.

There are also people who are like Douglas Firs. Every bit as strong, but they can bend with the winds of the world a bit more and so do not end up broken by it.

I thought of this because I know an old silver maple person and a slightly younger Douglas Fir person. My friend, the fir, is all worried because people do not want to be with the maple and sees herself in that situation in five years.

The maple is not my friend because there is never any give, not the slightest compromise. The maple wants a car ride and I am not going to give it because two hours with the maple would result in me wishing for an ejector seat or the sweet release of death.

So this was the metaphor I came up with. Yeah, you are a stiff person, fir, but you are not like the maple and that is why you won’t be alone as you get older. You do not need to be an aspen quaking in the breeze to not end up a hollow bitter person.
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Well my taxes are done. I think this may be the earliest date I have ever done my taxes by. Now all I need to do is finish my FAFSA thing and my homework and I will be a responsible adult.
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Seasonal card from Y— & M—, it is like they know me or something. And that artificial wreath that my friend C— rescued and I decorated looks very nice on my porch.

Why could not the google van come by now? Or even better just after it snowed. Then my house would look cute... provided you think that slightly shabby salamanders look cute.

Image hosted on my Tumblr.
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I just looked up my final grade for my Intro to Business class. I am… pleased. (I do not think I will do so well in my other classes, but just let me savor this one.)
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Can I go to bed and start over? I burnt my hand slightly, set my cutting board on fire, and dropped a pan of cornbread.

Code Puce

Nov. 15th, 2014 02:17 pm
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R– has a cold today and when I called to see how she felt she did not call off chore day. I was nonplussed when I arrived at her house and found her sniffling like a sort of Rhinovirus Mary. Eventually the emotion I settled on was annoyed with a side of slightly freaked out. Possibly because she gets mild colds she does not understand what a major thing it is to me to get sick. She even wanted to come over to my house tonight. Fortunately when she asked I looked like Megamind facing down an enraged superhero and said, “Ummmm” in a terrified way that she was able to correctly interpret as “please do not come” without me having to actually figure out how to say those words.

I hope I did not upset her, but gosh it would be nice to avoid having a cold during the penultimate week of my college semester.
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My parents live... a ways out in the country. They actually live outside the same town where I was raised and lived for about 18 years. They have a vegetable garden and that means wildlife comes to eat things in their garden. Including rabbits... If you are a softhearted person who gets weepy over the thought of poor innocent bunnies, look away from this post.

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My family is going to be out of town on Christmas so I am, for only the second time in my life, going to have to figure out what to do with myself for the holiday without them. The previous time I had plans that came to naught when I became ill and thus spent Christmas alone with a cold in a chilly basement room. I trust there will be no repeat of that disaster, at least.

My very good friend L— thinks that she will do a Christmas eve dinner and I can contribute some dishes and help her cook so I think that determines what I shall do on the eve. I should inquire of her if she likes chestnuts. If so I could lay in a supply. But there shall certainly be plum pudding this year as I like it and so I should get ready to make one very soon.

The day itself will still be open. My family never did much of anything on Christmas day except for church and I am not one for that. Perhaps I should organize some sort of jolly Wassail party where we drink homebrewed Christmas ale or mulled hard cider.
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It turns out that the ants of the world do not outweigh the humans. Apparently the origional estimate used far too high a number for the weight of ants, 60 mg as opposed to the closer to average 4 mg. Source BBC.
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I think I am possibly not a science fiction fan. I like reading fantasy and I love socializing (the heavens know how I love to talk), but I think I am done with organized fandom. I am just not suited to clubs and conventions because of the personalities they bring in. I am going to stay friends with my friends, but I am done with going to mass events.

The unfortunate way it came out was bad, but it was true. I no longer wish to be part of the Denver Area SF Assocition.
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Well, shoot. I need to figure out a better way to extract myself from uninteresting conversations. I, unfortunately, hit the eject button rather hard while in a conversation... well, not exactly a conversation. More being talked to against my will by a member of the science fiction club. Someone I do not know very well. I do not even know his name. I had retreated to my TV room during a party at my house to escape him and he followed me in there and started talking to me about the military industrial complex. And I ejected from the conversation by saying I was done with the science fiction club and for him to get out of my house. That was... yeah. I really do not know where to go from here.
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I have just just started testing Experiment 241. I had allowed the yellow summer squash in my garden to get too old to simply stir-fry and eat so I conceived that I would try making a soup out of two of them.

500 g (1 pound-ish) of onions
vegetable oil
1 tablespoon butter
2 over the hill yellow summer squash
2 tablespoons more of butter, oil, or lard
3 cloves of garlic
1 liter (4 cups) vegetable broth

First I started as nearly every soup should start: by frying onions. I cut up the equivalent of about four medium onions into nice strips and put them into my cast iron dutch oven greased and then a tablespoon of butter scattered over them. Then into a 200°C (400°F) oven with the lid on. 20 minutes later I stirred the onion and cracked the lid. Repeated stirring every 20 minutes for another hour until a nice fond was starting to develop. Then onto a medium-medium high burner to finish making it the brown of a beer bottle in sunlight. Removed the onion after deglazing with a little left over mead and yeast left at the bottom of a bottle.

While the onion was still cooking in the oven I peeled off the hard skin and then I cut each fruit in half. A nice sharp spoon (I keep one sharpened for just this sort of thing) made short work of seeding each one and I reserved the seeds later experimentation. Then I chopped the thin bit of flesh into 2 cm squares (not terribly precisely). Once the pot was free I put in about a tablespoon of oil and browned one of the squashes in it without crowding the bottom of the dutch oven. Deglazed with water and then repeated with the second half, throwing the minced garlic in for the last 30 seconds. Then everything including the broth went in my blender. Blended on high until smooth. It tastes pretty good already, but it needs spices of some sort... Thyme? Cumin? Parsley?


Aug. 20th, 2014 04:13 pm
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A completely pointless milestone! I have more than 11,500 songs in my computer library currently. Late last year I decided to listen to all of them again (or for the first time). I passed 10,000 today. That is about 576 hours of music listened to with 81 hours to go (more or less).

And then I will probably start adding albums to my library again.


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