mishalak: A fantasy version of myself drawn by Sue Mason (Default)
mishalak ([personal profile] mishalak) wrote2004-02-14 11:50 pm
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Outer Fandom: V-Day

Outer Fandom was fun. Just Martin, Paul, and myself as usual, but not too bad. We talked a long while and then went to have a spot to eat at Angelo's next door. I think the new coffeehouse will work out well. Not only do they have parking there are lots of restaurants around. So if we don't want to travel we don't have to. Bonus! Now to tempt the two people who complained about Diedrich's into actually showing up at our new venue.

Apparently most people had boyfriends to do or something. Oh and I have a new fairy tale. It should be done shortly, say tomorrow if all goes well.

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