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Well not in the sense of actually being rained out or something, but Brunch today was supposed to be at Lakeside Waffles. Unfortunately they were closed for, what I gather, are flakey reasons involving "We did not feel like coming in to work on a Sunday." I got the call when I was nearly there and I did not have the presence of mind to immediately say, "Thanks for finding an alternate location, but I'll just head home now." Instead I tried to find the Village Inn at I-70 and Federal to tell Rose in person that I'd prefer not to eat to eating at Village Inn, somehow failed to see the restaurant despite the huge sign, and then was rather rude when I called her to say I was heading home. I regret having done that, but I'll attempt to make amends later.

At that point I finally started wandering home and stopped off at Argonaut Liquor to pick up a six pack of beer I've been meaning to try, got here, at a little food, and now it is about time for me to head off to work. The morning could have gone much better, but it could have gone much worse as well. So I'm not unhappy except with how I behaved.

Hopefully work will go smoothly and afterward I can come home to clean and have a beer.


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