Aug. 12th, 2014

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The membership for the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention is more than 10,000 in total. More than any other previous Worldcon according to File 770. Loncon has also reported that a record 3,587 valid ballots were received. For perspective that is 1,400 than the next highest total, at least 50% more than 'normal'. Given that there is a huge push by the right wing of fandom to get Larry Correia and Vox Day Hugos and the unusually high number of supporting memberships even for a European Worldcon (the last one in Glassgo had 1,087 in total where the current has 2,207 from the United States alone) I am going to predict that they have won this. If I am wrong I will eat crow on Saturday, but I cannot imagine what would have otherwise motivated so many people to vote for the Hugo this year.* The question is if the 'normal' voters for the Hugo that 2,000-ish number contains more than about 600 people who value politics over good writing.

*Seriously, is there some other voter drive going on that I am unaware of? It is not like The Hugoes are terribly famous. I do not know many SF fans under 30 who have heard of them. So, any other theories as to what might be happening?


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