Mar. 9th, 2014

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One of the great joys of no longer being sick is the first drink. I have been dry for a week and there is nothing like a week long abstinence from all alcohol to make a bottle of beer a real joy. I generally drink a bottle of beer or homemade mead most days of the week. I do not exceed this because I do not wish to end up a scary guy with a beard living in a box. I know that scenario escalated quickly, but that is how my brain works. I think of having two drinks and my paranoia says, “And then you will end up an alcoholic.” Unless I am with friends.

So I had a cold most of this past week and so I did not allow myself any alcohol as it depresses the immune system. Since I drink all the time my immune system ought to be used to the abuse, but I figure give it every advantage. I hope forgoing all alcohol while sick is rather like walking around with weights all the time and only taking them off for emergencies and thus becoming a superhero. This is probably insane troll logic, but those are the rules that I made up and I enforce them with unwavering faithfulness. Mostly.

So the first drink after a period of lenten self denial is great. Just like the first beer I ever had years ago. Slightly numb lips and full of joy. Also a slight desire to get it on with someone cute. Even though I generally do not like having sex with people. I do like people and socializing, but having sex with them is generally weird because then I have to think about other people's feelings and desires. Though it works out for other people I have found that a solitary life is the right way for me to live because I am slightly more narcissistic than Cordelia Chase.

So this has been a long winded way of me saying, “Back on the alcohol and it makes me happy!”


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